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Dadoria Hyuuga is one of the main supporting characters.



February 21




Part I: 13-14

Part II: 16-17


Part I: 158.6 cm

Part II: 166.7 cm


Part I: 48 kg

Part II: 52.1 kg

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Hyuuga Clan


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Kina Hyuuga


Neji Hyuuga


Hinata Hyuuga


Dadoria is a member of the Main Branch of the Hyuuga Clan as well as the older sister of Kina Hyuuga. Very early on, while in the academy, Dadoria and Kalaile struck up a rivalry which continued until after the Chuunin Exams, though they continue a more friendly rivalry between each other. As she teases Kalaile, in a friendly way, but it ends up with the two fighting. Dadoria is considered one of the most talented out of the Main Branch and is said to be even better than Neji was when he was her age.


When first introduced, she is described as being malicious and coldhearted. As she got older her demeanor mellowed and is normally kind towards most people.


Dadoria has long purple hair, fair skin, and lavender-gray tinted white eyes. Like the rest of her clan, she possesses the renowned Byakugan which when activated, stimulates the veins and arteries immediately around her eyes to protrude much more prominently. During Part 1 her normal facial expressions were stern, hard, and cold. While in Part 2 she has a more friendly and open look.


Dadoria posseses a very acute mastery over her Byakugan, an ocular Kekkei Genkai which grants her x-ray vision and the ability to see chakra networks. She can focus her Byakugan's sight to drastically increase its range one direction, up to 100 kilometers, at the least while the normal range is up to 50 kilometers. Dadoria is also noted to have a particularly strong Byakugan relative to other members of the Hyuuga clan.

As a member of the Hyuuga Clan, Dadoria specializes in close-range, taijutsu combat, the Hyuuga's Gentle Fist. In her battle against Kalaile, she shown tremendous agility and dexterity, capable of simultaneously dodging and striking her with no wasted movement. Her attacks are fast and fluid, striking in rapid succession and left very little time for Kalaile to find an opening to counter, but also deliberate.

Training in the Gentle Fist style implies superior chakra regulatory control and mastery of the human chakra network. As a result Dadoria has precise chakra control and can slow or impede incoming projectiles by expelling chakra from any chakra point in her body and she can easily see through any Genjutsu.

Part 1

Dadoria is introduced as a Hyuuga prodigy as well as Kalaile's long time rival. She was revealed to have failed the Chuunin Exams once before she and her team entered for a second time. In the end, she and Kalaile tied and formed a friendship between each other though they still have a more friendly rivalry.

Part 2

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Dadoria is briefly seen while Kalaile visits the Hyuuga Compound. It is then revealed that she was promoted to Jounin.

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